This Treaty hereby establishes an Implementation Support Unit to assist States Parties in its implementation.

The ISU shall consist of adequate staff, with necessary expertise to ensure the mandate entrusted to it can be effectively undertaken, with the core costs funded by States Parties.

The implementation Support Unit, within a minimized structure and responsible to States Parties, shall undertake the responsibilities assigned to it in this Treaty, inter alia:

  • Receive distribute reports, on behalf of the Depository, and make them publicly available;
  • Maintain and Distribute regularly to States Parties the up-to-date list of national contact points;
  • Facilitate the matching of offers and requests of assistance for Treaty implementation and promote international cooperation as requested;
  • Facilitate the work of the Conference of States Parties, including making arrangements and providing the necessary service es for meetings under this Treaty; and
  • Perform other duties as mandated by the Conference of States Parties.

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