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Claims of Land

Claims of land are among the most valued ones in the modern society.

The importance given to a country's boundaries or to land titles illustrates this.

Scope of Actor Claims

Especially for the macro and meso-level actors, the scope of their claims has a territorial character.

For the treaties and conventions agreed in the United Nations, the theoretical boundary of their validity is the globe. In many cases though, not all countries have ratified such treaties.

Legislation enacted by the governmental actors of a country has validity in the country's territory, or even more locally, for example in the case of municipal rules.

The Annoyance of Claims

Let us adopt a puristic natural order perspective on the proliferation of claims that constrain the freedom for handling material, or performing actions at any point in space and time.

It then becomes reasonable to call such a proliferation of claims (contracts and legislation) a cumulative annoyance.

To reduce or minimize such cumulative annoyance, it could be considered fair that forfeiting a certain degree of freedom by all, ref. Rousseau's notion of the social contract, must be offset by an equal or comparable benefit for all.

Claim Amalgams, feeding instability and greater inequalities

In the World Economic and Social Survey of 2010 [1] it is explained how the proliferation of claims surrounding economic interdependence has negative effects on poverty and sustainability.

In the planning for reform, it will be useful to identify and map actors and their legitimate claims, prior to the (re)design of a blueprint that puts virtuous (feedback) cycles in place of their vicious variants.

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