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Social actors and sustainable development goals in Industry and (Local) Governance

Below are tentative lists with social actors, all potential partners in a Global Partnership. The social actors are listed by socio-technical level: pico, micro, meso and macro. People in each of the listed roles perform the typical interactions in industry or governance. As they perfom their work, specific sustainable development goals and targets will matter.

The #2030Agenda for Sustainable Development - #SDGs implies partner journeys.

This Actor Atlas has the objective to explain for each 'actor' or 'role' which development goals and targets are particularly important, and vice versa, to indicate for each goal and target the roles, economic activities and functions of government that matter.

Check for instance teacher or farmer, to explore the linkages across goals, activities and roles.

The Local dimension is addressed via #WWlgu tags, some of which are in #WWlgu tags for large and smart cities, others are provided per country, such as for Afghanistan, and several other countries.

Actors by socio-technical level

The socio-technical levels are macro, meso, micro and pico. The relationships between social actors at these levels and why they all matter to a development partnership is explained at Social architecture.

Actor Maps & Lists

Domestic social capital wikis, for use by national and local stakeholders, are being created per country. Currently they exist for these countries:

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