Enabling the Sustainable Development Debate in the Digital Public Sphere

This page is a key #tagcoding resource. Each table covers a topic-dimension of the Public Sphere. Browse it to appreciate the wide range of topics that impact your Lifeworld, and to quickly find the unique hashtag for transforming how society produces, trades and consumes innumerable products and services.

"Geographical" #WWlgu hashtags offer a free and fast way to know neighbours and peers who care for sustainable development, and are contributing to a Global Partnership: Your community leading sustainable development? #WWlgu for #LocalizingSDGs.

All other hashtags have a topical focus in dimensions of human action that matter to sustainable development.

Geographical and topical hashtags can be combined as in #sdg07US08, which is about modern energy (#SDG7) in Colorado (#US08).

Select a continent's tab for country ISO codes & #WWlgu tags to localize #tagcoding #tags from below topic dimensions.

Social actor journeys (no coding hashtags)

Questions, answers and comments about #2030Agenda

Use the #tagcoding web forum for questions that are not about the topic of this particular page.

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