#isic3313 - Repair of electronic and optical equipment

Includes the repair and maintenance of goods produced in groups 265, 266 and 267, except those that are considered household goods.

This class includes:

  • repair and maintenance of the measuring, testing, navigating and control equipment (#cpc8715) of group 265, such as:
    • aircraft engine instruments
    • automotive emissions testing equipment
    • meteorological instruments
    • physical, electrical and chemical properties testing and inspection equipment
    • surveying instruments
    • radiation detection and monitoring instruments
  • repair and maintenance of irradiation, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment of class 2660, such as:
    • magnetic resonance imaging equipment
    • medical ultrasound equipment
    • pacemakers
    • hearing aids
    • electrocardiographs
    • electromedical endoscopic equipment
    • irradiation apparatus
  • repair and maintenance of optical instruments and equipment of class 2670, if the use is mainly commercial, such as:
    • binoculars
    • microscopes (except electron and proton microscopes)
    • telescopes
    • prisms and lenses (except ophthalmic)
    • photographic equipment

This class excludes:

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