#isic3230 - Manufacture of sports goods

Includes the manufacture of sporting and athletic goods (except apparel and footwear).

This class includes:

  • manufacture of articles and equipment for sports (#cpc3844), outdoor and indoor games, of any material:
    • hard, soft and inflatable balls
    • rackets, bats and clubs
    • skis, bindings and poles
    • ski-boots
    • sailboards and surfboards (#cpc3842)
    • requisites for sport fishing, including landing nets (#cpc3845)
    • requisites for hunting, mountain climbing etc.
    • leather sports gloves and sports headgear
    • ice skates, roller skates etc. (#cpc3841)
    • bows and crossbows
    • gymnasium, fitness centre or athletic equipment (#cpc3843)

This class excludes:

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