#isic3211 - Manufacture of jewellery and related articles

This class includes:

  • production of worked pearls (#cpc3821)
  • production of precious and semi-precious stones (#cpc3822) in the worked state, including the working of industrial quality stones and synthetic or reconstructed precious or semiprecious stones
  • working of diamonds (#cpc3823)
  • manufacture of jewellery of precious metal (#cpc3824) or of base metals clad with precious metals, or precious or semi-precious stones, or of combinations of precious metal and precious or semi-precious stones or of other materials
  • manufacture of goldsmiths’ articles of precious metals or of base metals clad with precious metals:
    • dinnerware, flatware, hollowware, toilet articles, office or desk articles, articles for religious use etc.
  • manufacture of technical or laboratory articles of precious metal (except instruments and parts thereof): crucibles, spatulas, electroplating anodes etc.
  • manufacture of precious metal watch bands, wristbands, watch straps and cigarette cases
  • manufacture of coins (#cpc3825), including coins for use as legal tender, whether or not of precious metal

This class also includes:

  • engraving of personal precious and non-precious metal products

This class excludes:

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