#isic3011 - Building of ships and floating structures

Includes the building of ships, except vessels for sports or recreation, and the construction of floating structures.

This class includes:

  • building of commercial vessels (#cpc4931):
    • passenger vessels, ferry boats, cargo ships, tankers, tugs etc.
  • building of warships
  • building of fishing boats and fish-processing factory vessels

This class also includes:

  • building of hovercraft (except recreation-type hovercraft)
  • construction of drilling platforms, floating or submersible
  • construction of floating structures (#cpc4932):
    • floating docks, pontoons, coffer-dams, floating landing stages, buoys, floating tanks, barges, lighters, floating cranes, non-recreational inflatable rafts etc.
  • manufacture of sections for ships and floating structures (#cpc4939)

This class excludes:

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