#isic2824 - Manufacture of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction

This class includes:

  • manufacture of continuous-action elevators and conveyors for underground use (#cpc4441)
  • manufacture of boring, cutting, sinking and tunnelling machinery (whether or not for underground use)
  • manufacture of machinery for treating minerals by screening, sorting, separating, washing, crushing etc. (#cpc4444)
  • manufacture of concrete and mortar mixers
  • manufacture of earth-moving machinery:
    • bulldozers, angle-dozers, graders, scrapers, levellers, mechanical shovels, shovel loaders etc.
  • manufacture of pile drivers and pile extractors (#cpc4443), mortar spreaders, bitumen spreaders, concrete surfacing machinery etc.
  • manufacture of tracklaying tractors and tractors used in construction or mining
  • manufacture of bulldozer and angle-dozer blades
  • manufacture of off-road dumping trucks (#cpc4442)

This class excludes:

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