#isic2740 - Manufacture of electric lighting equipment

Includes the manufacture of electric light bulbs and tubes and parts and components thereof (except glass blanks for electric light bulbs), electric lighting fixtures and lighting fixture components (except current-carrying wiring devices).

This class includes:

  • infra-red etc. lamps, fixtures and bulbs (#cpc4654)
  • manufacture of ceiling lighting fixtures (#cpc4653)
  • manufacture of chandeliers
  • manufacture of table lamps (i.e. lighting fixture)
  • manufacture of Christmas tree lighting sets
  • manufacture of electric fireplace logs
  • manufacture of flashlights
  • manufacture of electric insect lamps
  • manufacture of lanterns (e.g. carbide, electric, gas, gasoline, kerosene)
  • manufacture of spotlights
  • manufacture of street lighting fixtures (except traffic signals)
  • manufacture of lighting equipment for transportation equipment (e.g. for motor vehicles, aircraft, boats)

This class also includes:

  • manufacture of non-electrical lighting equipment

This class excludes:

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