#isic2310 - Manufacture of glass and glass products

Includes the manufacture of glass in all forms, made by any process and the manufacture of articles of glass.

This class includes:

  • manufacture of flat glass (#cpc3711), including wired, coloured or tinted flat glass
  • manufacture of toughened or laminated flat glass
  • manufacture of glass in rods or tubes
  • manufacture of glass paving blocks
  • manufacture of glass mirrors
  • manufacture of multiple-walled insulating units of glass
  • manufacture of bottles and other containers of glass or crystal
  • manufacture of drinking glasses and other domestic glass or crystal articles
  • manufacture of glass fibres, including glass wool and non-woven products thereof
  • manufacture of laboratory, hygienic or pharmaceutical glassware (#cpc3719)
  • manufacture of clock or watch glasses, optical glass and optical elements not optically worked
  • manufacture of glassware used in imitation jewellery
  • manufacture of glass insulators and glass insulating fittings
  • manufacture of glass envelopes for lamps
  • manufacture of glass figurines

This class excludes:

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