#isic1313 - Finishing of textiles

This class includes:

  • bleaching and dyeing of textile fibres, yarns, fabrics and textile articles (#cpc8821), including wearing apparel (#cpc8822)
  • dressing, drying, steaming, shrinking, mending, Sanforizing, mercerizing of textiles and textile articles, including wearing apparel

This class also includes:

  • bleaching of jeans
  • pleating and similar work on textiles
  • waterproofing, coating, rubberizing or impregnating of garments
  • silk-screen printing on textiles and wearing apparel

This class excludes:

  • manufacture of textile fabric impregnated, coated, covered or laminated with rubber,

where rubber is the chief constituent, see #isic2219 - Manufacture of other rubber products

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