#isic1075 - Manufacture of prepared meals and dishes

Includes the manufacture of ready-made (i.e. prepared, seasoned and cooked) meals and dishes. These dishes are processed to preserve them, such as in frozen or canned form, and are usually packaged and labeled for re-sale, i.e. this class does not include the preparation of meals for immediate consumption, such as in restaurants. To be considered a dish, these foods have to contain at least two distinct main ingredients (except seasonings etc.).

This class includes:

  • manufacture of meat (#cpc2118) or poultry dishes
  • manufacture of fish dishes, including fish and chips (#cpc2124)
  • manufacture of prepared dishes of vegetables (#cpc2139)
  • manufacture of canned stews and vacuum-prepared meals
  • manufacture of other prepared meals (such as “TV dinners”, etc.)
  • manufacture of frozen or otherwise preserved pizza

This class excludes:

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