#isic1040 - Manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats

Includes the manufacture of crude and refined oils and fats from vegetable or animal materials, except rendering or refining of lard and other edible animal fats.

This class includes:

  • manufacture of crude vegetable oils: olive oil (#cpc2167), soya-bean oil (#cpc2161), palm oil (#cpc2165), sunflower-seed oil (#cpc2163), cotton-seed oil (#cpc2168), rape, colza or mustard oil (#cpc2164), linseed oil etc.
  • manufacture of non-defatted flour or meal of oilseeds, oil nuts or oil kernels
  • manufacture of refined vegetable oils (#cpc216): olive oil, soya-bean oil etc.
  • processing of vegetable oils (#cpc216): blowing, boiling, dehydration, hydrogenation etc.
  • manufacture of margarine (#cpc217)
  • manufacture of melanges and similar spreads
  • manufacture of compound cooking fats

This class also includes:

  • manufacture of non-edible animal oils and fats (#cpc2151)
  • extraction of fish and marine mammal oils
  • production of cotton linters (#cpc2180), oilcakes and other residual products of oil production (#cpc2191)

This class excludes:

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