The UN CCA will identify multidimensional risks that could impact the development trajectory of the country, covering a full spectrum of development, humanitarian, peacebuilding and human rights issues. It should foster common UN system understanding of groups left behind, and underlying drivers of risks, vulnerabilities and needs, including those that are social or related to conflict, disasters, climate change, the environment or the economy. In-depth analysis on these issues establishes an understanding of root and proximate causes, stakeholders, dynamics and triggers, as well as the impacts on people, the operational environment and the UN system’s work and presence. This analysis should also clarify how UN engagement may influence dynamics, positively and/or negatively, and how to manage negative effects and maximize positive ones. Involving all relevant UN entities, including UN special political missions, peacekeeping operations, humanitarian and human rights entities, where relevant, is essential. Where possible, the UN CCA informs the UN Policy on Integrated Assessment and Planning.

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