Accountability: the Cooperation Framework strengthens the UN development system’s accountability for the collective support it provides to countries in achieving the 2030 Agenda. This necessitates: (a) alignment with national priorities and national accountability mechanisms, and support to their further development where warranted; (b) strengthening national and local mechanisms, institutions and processes to monitor and report on SDG implementation, including through the High-level Political Forum and Voluntary National Reviews; (c) measures to build upon and extend greater transparency, and improved measurement and reporting on results, including through joint assessments with target populations; (d) enabling active and inclusive local community engagement and participation in decision-making throughout the Cooperation Framework cycle; and (e) supporting the development and use of quality, accessible, timely and reliable disaggregated data to inform national and UN policy formulation, and programme design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, as well as risk management for development results.

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